The unique beer event

KSE (Union of Small-sized Breweries), as a representation of Hungarian micro- and small-sized breweries, brings the unique beer event to present the various and tasty world of our favourite beverage. The complex program for the industry, this time in the capital city of Hungary await all individuals, group of friends and families to become familiar with dozens of craft beers and their brewers under one roof. We believe that beer lovers should join us and enjoy a great time at 1-2 May at ELTE, Budapest!
On the other hand, program of the event includes professional sections, like international beer competition and beer academy. All visitors can be active participant of lectures and workshops on technologies, regulations and history of beer manufacturing. What is more, a B2B exhibition will be organized as well.
B2B event
Sörmustra is not only about tasting huge variety of craft beers, but also gathering all professional participants of beer industry. The aim is to create a meeting point for breweries, technology providers and manufacturers, suppliers, managers of bars and restaurants, retailers which helps in building new partnerships. The preparation for this opportunity starts with a registration on our B2B site. After filling the online application form, all the participants become visible and searchable giving the chance to find potential cooperations. Be active user of platform, request/accept B2B meetings and having a successful event in Budapest!


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